7 Ways to Improve Your Sales Techniques

As a retailer (either brick and mortar or eCommerce) you have one goal – to sell. Not everyone is a born salesperson. In fact, it’s actually a skill that takes time to hone. When you first hire your staff, you look for particular qualities, and being a superb salesperson doesn’t really have to be high on the list of criteria because, in reality, there are ways to teach salesmanship. In this article, we will look at 7 ways to improve your sales techniques.

1.  Know the Product

This is number one because having a firm knowledge of the products being sold is imperative to improve sales. Customers find it annoying when they ask a question, and the sales clerk has no idea how to answer because they lack information about the product.

You should know the basics:

  •     What the product offers
  •     Key features
  •     Advantages
  •     Disadvantages

2. Be Honest

Everyone working in sales should know the ins and outs of all products being sold so they can effectively and honestly sell the items to the customers. They should be able to lay out the benefits of the product in a noticeably clear way to the customer. Whatever is being sold must fit the customers’ needs or they will simply return the item later or be unhappy with their purchase which equals negative feedback for your retail business. You want to avoid both scenarios so make sure the salesperson has a firm grasp on the advantages of the product being sold so they can honestly ensure it meets the customer’s particular needs.

Remember, selling is about more than just selling the item. It’s about the reputation of your business and that reputation should always be based on honesty.

3. Top-notch Customer Service

Customer Survey Word CloudThe best salespeople like the customers and the customers like them too. They can build a rapport with the customer. Yes, this takes time but learning about the customers’ needs by asking meaningful questions and providing in-depth answers creates a rock-solid relationship. The salesperson will not only make a sale that day, but they will have a customer for life because that person will continue to return to enjoy the top-notch customer service.

4. Learning Upsell

Good salespeople know how to upsell. There is nothing wrong with upselling as long as you participate in the process honestly. Talk to the customer to identify exactly what they are seeking, their budget, and any concerns that they might have. Then work with the customer to alleviate the problems and find solutions. It takes a little bit of detective work to identify exactly what the customer wants because sometimes the customer is on the fence about their desires. However, this is all a part of building a relationship. You’ll learn about the customer while finding the best product/item to fit their particular needs.

5. Presales and Aftersales

As a business, you not only want to bring in customers, but you also want to retain them for future purchases. This means that presale and after-sales are every bit as important as the actual ‘sale’. You want the customers to know that you honestly care about the process and want to help them out. Contact would-be customers through loyalty programs, if there is a sale or an item comes in that you know will fit their needs. After the sale, touch base with them to make sure they are happy and satisfied.

6. Credibility, Trust, and Expertise

Business people shaking hands, finishing up meeting. Successful businessmen handshaking after good deal.If you and your staff provide credibility, trust, and expertise then you will sell more. Customers want to interact with a real person and have their questions and concerns answered in a caring and timely fashion. Every business has to have credibility. To build that you have to lay the foundation of trust and expertise. Offer training seminars for your staff on the products that you sell. Also, focus on the importance of promoting your brand’s identity. Every salesperson that works with you should have an idea of your brand’s personality so they can convey that to the customer.

You’ll build credibility from the ground up by offering superior products and having a stellar staff who have the knowledge and personal drive to gain the expertise needed to sell. It is imperative that every customer have a positive experience whether they buy something or not. Remember, people with negative experiences usually share them more often than those who have positive experiences. Your business reputation depends on your customers having positive experiences and avoiding any negativity, so you gain five-star reviews to eventually increase your sales and grow your business.

7. Never Act Desperate

Your staff should never act nervous when selling. Basically, ‘never let them see you sweat’. Instead, focus on the positives and keep an upbeat attitude. People like buying from cheerful people and not those who are nervous or fearful.

These are just 7 ways to improve your sales techniques. You should always take the time to brainstorm with your staff to come up with new sales ideas. Also, what you are selling will have a bearing on the techniques you use. What works for one business might not work for yours.

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