CoalFire systems

It’s crucial to do what you can to secure your business, and most importantly, secure your customer’s card data. Although large retailers are the ones that make the front pages when they are compromised, increasingly it is the small and mid-sized retailers who are under the greatest threat. New tools and techniques are allowing credit card thieves to enter and steal your customer’s data with ease.

Introducing Coalfire, a leading IT audit and compliance firm that provides audit, security, and compliance solutions for over 1,000 customers throughout North America.

Did you know that close to half of US small to meduim size businesses (SMB) have been hit by some form of cybercrime? Now is the time to ask for help. Coalfire was the first company to pass the rigorous “2009 Peer Review” meeting the PCI SSC’s demanding standards.

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Please note, Coalfire will be hosting a PCI Presentation at our upcoming Retailer’s Workshop in Portsmouth NH on August 11. For more information on the workshop, or to register, please visit: Coalfire will be available all day for questions.