Functionality in CPMobile Just Got Upgraded!

Whether you’re walking the floor and want to provide item lookup functionality for your customers, line bust with CPMobile’s POS capabilities, or bring your POS with you to an event outside of your store; CPMobile has been a proven resource for many of our customers.

NCR has been working to provide more functionality, and we know the new features released in Version 2.3 are going to make it even more valuable to your business process.

CPMobile on iPhone 6What is CPMobile?

CPMobile is an iPhone application that allows you to bring your POS on the go. You can manage Inventory with physical counts, adjustments, and receive them with or without a Purchase Order. You can also check prices and availability of all your inventory across all of your stores. One of CPMobile’s strongest features is that it’s a Point of Sale terminal, right in the palm of your hand. You can scan items, take payments, and print or email the receipt right from the CPMobile app! Additionally, you can take returns, place orders, and apply discounts. CPMobile is one more way that Counterpoint allows you to connect with your customers. Walking your sales floor with CPMobile in your hand gives you the ability to interact with your customers beyond the register, and keep yourself and your staff informed on inventory. You can even start a ticket with the app, and send them to the register while you gather all the items they’re requesting. That’s great customer service!

What’s available in the most recent update (Version 2.3):

  • You can enter receivers against an NCR Counterpoint purchase order!
  • You can now add miscellaneous charge values to receiver documents.
  • The item search capabilities have been expanded upon.
  • You can sell inactive items, should you have items that you’re no longer re-purchasing, but have inventory left that you’d like to sell.
  • You can set a signature threshold value for Mobile POS payments.
  • And last, but not least, you can now print directly to certified Bluetooth printers, no sled required!

With more updates coming, CPMobile will be a more robust mobile solution for your business, allowing you to do many of the key features that Counterpoint provides you, on your mobile phone!