Retail Email Marketing Made Simple

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolkit. Having an engaged subscriber list is key to a successful retail business.

Among the many advantages of email marketing are the ability to send newsletters, acquisition emails, retention emails, promotional emails, and run loyalty programs. Products like NCR Counterpoint and NCR Customer Connect combine to put powerful customer data right at your fingertips so that you can create successful campaigns.

If you plan carefully and make full use of the robust suite of options at your disposal, you can leverage the information you’re collecting on your customers to increase sales and drive profits. Aside from the obvious benefits of sales and promotions, a successful email campaign can also reduce pain points for retailers such as shopping cart abandonment.

Tips for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns


Business person is sending the emails with laptop at work space.Consistency is key across all channels, from branding to messaging to the frequency of mailings. Look and feel is essential because you want your customers to know the email is from you without them having to think about it. In terms of frequency, you need to run tests to find your sweet spot with your customer base—something easily determined by watching your metrics closely.


Ensure your copy is well-written, tight, and appropriate to your customer base. Subject lines are key in determining open rates, so carefully craft them. Focus your emails so that your goals are clear and measurable, limiting your CTAs.

Test and Measure

Focusing on A/B and multivariate testing is an essential step to success. Try different copy, different subject lines, or even moving around the text boxes inside your email to see what works best with your subscribers. You can start with subject lines and open or click rates, then move on to content testing, but acting on this data is your fastest way to growth.

Benefits of NCR Counterpoint

Targeted Marketing

Using information gathered from NCR Counterpoint, such as purchases, preferences, and location, you can set up segments to ensure your customers are being exposed to products and information that will be of interest to them. Some segment ideas include VIPs, loyalty program members, or consumers who purchase specific products.

Automated Campaigns

This feature allows you to automate recurring campaigns, such as onboarding new subscribers, sending out birthday offers, holiday greetings, or even just checking in with your customers. This is a one-time setup, and then you’re ready to go for as long as you wish.

Integrated Email Lists

By integrating NCR Counterpoint with NCR Customer Connect, your business will have one set of customer data, ensuring you have that ever-important single source of truth. All the information entered at the Point of Sale system is automatically transferred to your subscriber list, with their data saved to their individual record. It also allows you the convenience of digital receipts sent straight to your customer.

Sales Returns

One of the most important metrics for any campaign is the ROI, and with NCR Customer Connect, you can see the sales being driven by email through clicks and opens.