What is a Point of Sale VAR and What Are the Benefits of Using One?

Now that you’ve decided to invest in a Point of Sale system for your business, what’s the next step? Simple—a Point of Sale VAR (Value Added Reseller). VARs are individuals or companies who resell POS systems and bundle together the hardware, software, installation, and support that make the entire process a breeze.

Sometimes you can opt to buy your POS system directly from the manufacturer, but that requires a lot of time doing research and then sourcing all the other elements you need for a seamless installation and integration into your company’s business. By using a VAR, you sidestep all of that by allowing someone with the expertise and knowledge of best practices for your business to put that all together for you.

Finding The Right VAR for your Business

In order to ensure success, it’s important to do a little legwork in finding the right reseller to work with. Some VARs have more expertise and experience in your industry than others and some may not be big enough to handle your needs.

Some things you want to consider are:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they specialize in your industry?
  • What is included in their cost, and are there any hidden fees?
  • What are they offering post-sales in terms of service and support?
  • Has the VAR worked with a company your size before?

Benefits of Using a Value-Added Reseller

Person with an smart device looking at inventory in their storeAll-Inclusive Solutions

The biggest benefit of going with a VAR is that you will have an enterprise-level solution that’s ready to go or can be customized to fit your needs. Not only do VARs provide the hardware and software, but they will also handle installation and training for your team and provide post-sale support. Increasingly, VARs are adding to their roster of services to include data center services, ecommerce options, inventory management, integrated payments, and much more!

Professional Services and Expertise

The right VAR for you has already done all the legwork in your industry and is familiar with best practices, providing you with experience that would take years to master on your own. A good VAR is up-to-date on trends and what’s going on in the marketplace. The key is that they’re not tied to a particular brand, so a reseller is able to evaluate different packages objectively and offer the best solutions for your business, taking into account your industry, scalability, etc.

Customer Support

VARs are focused on customer service, as it’s the core of their business. If you go directly to the manufacturer, you’re often competing with much larger businesses and you don’t rank high on the priority list. VARs cater to all sizes of businesses, giving you the time and attention you deserve. This means anything from on-site training to emergency 24/7 support.

Upgrades, Warranties, Etc.

Another benefit of going with a VAR is they are equipped to offer a host of add-on services you won’t find from the manufacturer or on your own. For instance, a VAR will take care of upgrades in hardware and software for you. In addition, they can offer extended warranties and service contracts.