5 Ways To Reduce Cart Abandonment Online

Online shopping can create frustration for both buyers and sellers. It’s estimated that roughly 70% of customers are leaving their cart before they ever check out. This behavior is known as cart abandonment. With online sales expected to reach 22% of the overall market within a year, it’s vital that this percentage be lowered by businesses that seek to maximize their revenue.

Obviously, the shoppers have shown interest in the item but something is stopping them from purchasing. So how can businesses reduce cart abandonment online? Just like in-person shopping, ecommerce retailers must eliminate roadblocks that deter customers from buying.

Let’s explore the top five ways retailers can create the ultimate customer experience for a smooth transaction.

1. Create a Clear Call to Action

Owing to the pandemic, people converted from in-person to online shopping. But if shoppers think it’s going to be a complicated checkout process, they’re going to abandon buying altogether. This means they may not be as familiar with checkout forms. Providing a CTA which allows customers to clearly know what the next stage in checking out keeps them less frustrated allowing them to move forward in buying.

2. Offer Guest Checkout

As one of the biggest hurdles to overcome, creating an account causes a startling 34% of shoppers to abandon their cart. Not only is it time-consuming, but many shoppers are hesitant to share the personal information it requires. Sure, doing so will make the shopping experience easier the next time the consumer chooses to buy from you, but that does you no good if there is no next time! Quick guest checkout is the answer.

3. Give Shoppers Options!

Woman getting a deliver from a manDelivery options, that is. Every customer has different expectations for the receipt of their items, so it’s important to cater to each of them. Some customers want their product yesterday and are willing to pay a pretty penny for overnight delivery while others are more patient and value lower costs. This crucial variable can make a big difference in whether or not your customer chooses to buy.

4. Be Upfront About Total Costs

Around 21% of customers back out of purchases when they are suddenly confronted with “hidden fees.” So show them the actual costs of shipping as the purchasers are filling their carts. Displaying a shipping calculator while your guests are shopping avoids the jarring effect of a higher total cost than your buyers had been anticipating. As always, honesty is the best policy.

5. Provide Flexible Payment Options

Every shopper’s financial situation is different. Some will use their debit card, some will charge it to their credit card, and some will want to shop now and pay in installments. That’s why providing payment options such as credit card, Paypal, or Klarna is crucial to eliminating cart abandonment. They can speed up the tedious checkout process and make it way more enjoyable for shoppers. It’s all about convenience.

People will always shop around, but following these practices can make websites more user-friendly converting visitors to buyers.