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Modern Retail

Modern Retail will help you seamlessly integrate NCR Counterpoint point of sale with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce. They work with you to install and configure the integration, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business. Modern Retail’s dedicated implementation team will be attentive to your needs until the integration is done and you’re happy!NCR Counterpoint Integration


Gift Card Integration

Do you sell gift cards and want to give your customers the ability to use them online? Then you’ll need to integrate your in-store gift cards with your website, and Modern Retail can help! Modern Retail gives you the ability to allow customers to redeem gift cards online and also sell gift cards from your website. What’s unique about Modern Retail’s approach is gift cards sold online are the same as gift cards sold in your store. Because there is no distinction between in-store and online gift cards, any gift card sold from your POS system can be used online and vice-versa.

Your customers will love the convenience of a single gift card that can be used both in-store and online. You’ll love it because you can finally offer your customers the omnichannel experience they’ve been craving. This solution is currently available for NCR CounterPoint.


Loyalty Integration

Let’s face it; consumers love a program that rewards them for shopping! Nothing is better than getting rewarded for making frequent purchases. Up until recently, integrating a store’s loyalty program with a website has been difficult at best. Modern Retail can make your dreams into a reality by giving your customers credit for both their in-store and online purchases.

The heart of making this happen is managing your “customer’s identity”. Knowing your in-store customers and merging that person with their online profile is essential for any loyalty program. Modern Retail will help you understand your customers, and hence their purchase history, so you can offer a loyalty program that’s right for your store.


Curbside and In-Store Pickup

Retail is changing fast, and customers want the convenience of buying goods online and picking them up at your store. Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) is no longer a feature your business can live without. Customers have grown accustomed to placing orders online and picking them up on their way home from work, when running errands or when it’s convenient.
Modern Retail’s Curbside & In-Store Pickup feature gives you the ability to add these two options to your website. Customers can easily view your store locations, allowing them to pick the address that’s most convenient for them. In-store pickup orders can then be routed to the selected store, where customer service representatives get the orders ready for the customer to pick up.
Modern Retail’s Curbside & In-Store Pickup feature has everything you need to provide BOPIS to your online customers, whether you have one store or fifty.

Local Delivery

With the advent of delivering every food imaginable, not just pizza. Local Delivery has quickly become the latest service everyone wants to add to their website. Whether it’s because you’re feeling the pinch from the likes of Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy,, or because you already have trucks and need to provide local delivery features to your customers, Modern Retail has the solution for you.

Do you only deliver within a certain radius or only to certain zip codes? Do you offer free delivery over a certain order total? Free delivery on some items but not on others? No problem! Modern Retail will work with you to define the delivery and other charges for the goods in your store. They’ll also automatically route online orders to your store or warehouse for delivery and even give your customer service reps/drivers a user-friendly interface to fulfill the orders.


Ship From Store

Modern Retail’s Ship From Store feature treats your stores as warehouses, automatically routing online orders to your other stores for fulfillment. What’s nice about this feature is you can sell all the inventory you have across all your stores. No longer will you have inventory “trapped” in a store because you don’t have a means of showing its inventory online or the ability to fulfill orders from that location.

Modern Retail has teamed up with ShipStation and will send online orders to the correct store or warehouse based on rules that make sense for your business. Rules such as geo-location (closest location with inventory), location with the most inventory, location least inventory, or simply specifying the location to use first, second, third, etc. can all be defined in Modern Retail’s Ship From Store.

Shipping is easy, simply log into ShipStation where you’ll see all your online orders automatically separated by the location. That’s right, your store in, say Boston, will only see their orders, whereas, your store in New York will see theirs.


Business to Business (B2B)

Account Management

Account Management from Modern Retail gives you the ability to manage your B2B customers and their access to your B2B site. Grant and revoke access in the admin panel, set up new accounts, and assign reps to each account.

Order & Payment History

Give your B2B customers the ability to log in to your website and see their past orders and payments. Giving them the ability to see exactly where they stand with their account, their available credit, and any outstanding balance.


Modern Retail’s Ship From Warehouse feature automatically routes web orders to your facilities for fulfillment based on inventory levels and business logic.

Product Pricing

Modern Retail’s Contract Pricing feature receives real-time pricing from your ERP system. When a customer is logged into your website and they’re browsing products, they see their special pricing.


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