Track Growth of Your Cannabis Business with NexTec

NexTec’s experts have partnered with leading Cannabis industry experts to develop software that tracks the growing and cultivating portion of the Cannabis business. The complete software system tracks your operations, from seed to sale, with all the compliance needs handled along the way.


Built specifically to address your complex cannabis business challenges

    CannaBusiness ERP from NexTec is specifically designed for the legal cannabis industry, especially for growing businesses seeking to capitalize on significant market opportunities. Unlike smaller, non-scalable accounting systems such as QuickBooks (which many cannabis startups and smaller operations continue to use), our solution encompasses traditional manufacturing resource planning (MRP) activities. By knowing when to order materials and how much to order, you’re in better position to mitigate cash-flow issues by controlling extra inventory costs.

    CannaBusiness ERP also provides flexibility in your financials—including the capturing of 280E reporting. And it integrates all of your growing and production processes—including planting and cloning, horticultural activities, harvesting and drying, processing and packaging, marketing, and sales management. CannaBusiness ERP delivers a 360-degree view of your business, providing world-class trace-ability and system controls to strictly monitor and measure quality.

    NexTec Features

    • Tracking Software – a proven ERP platform that tracks 280E data
    • Seamless Compliance– manages complicated legal mandates
    • Operational Intelligence – for horticulturalists and the lab
    • Rapid Implementation – tailored for the cannabis industry

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